Frequently Asked Questions

How does Customer Connect work?

Customer Connect is NOAH’S “Exclusive” preferred vendor partner matching service. We take the time to better understand your event needs outside of what NOAH’S has to offer. Our goal is to connect you with our vetted vendors that will be able to meet and often times exceed your expectations. We work closely with you to match you with the right preferred vendor based on your event needs, wants, tastes and budget. Customer Connect is a free service available to all of NOAH’S clients.

How do we select our vendors?

We use a combination of critical variables when we select our vendors. We seek to partner with only the BEST Local and National businesses that offer premium services to meet the specific needs of NOAH’S clients and guests. We generally work with over 25 different businesses per venue location to ensure a perfect fit for ALL of NOAH’S clients, event needs, budget and tastes.

Where does your personal information go?

One of the primary goals when creating Customer Connect was ensuring NOAH’S clients personal information remains just that, personal. We provide ONLY the partners you want to hear from with your contact information AND only after receiving your approval to do so. In return, NOAH’s partners agree to promptly contact you, because they know you want to hear from them. We are all in this planning process together.

What is our relationship with NOAH’S?

Customer Connect is NOAH’S single and exclusive source for Preferred Vendors. We work closely with each NOAH’S building to ensure that all guests are getting the best possible experience.

What does this service cost?

Customer Connect is a 100% FREE SERVICE service offered to all NOAH’S clients. Preferred vendors pay a small monthly service fee to be listed as a NOAH’S preferred partner.

What are your guarantees?

Meeting your needs, the needs of your guests and the specifics of your event is our number one priority. As a result, we guarantee that will we match you with the best vendors in your area based on our current and future preferred vendor network. We ensure that the level of service provided by your selected vendors will be of the same high quality that you have come to expect from NOAH’S.

I can’t find my survey results.

We are so sorry to hear this. Have you checked your spam folder? Please contact us here and we will forward your results to you as quickly as possible.

I received my survey results, but they are incomplete.

We are constantly adding vendors to the Preferred Vendor network? If we currently do not have a vendor available to service your need, please check back frequently. Chances are, we will have a qualified vendor available for you in the near future. Please contact us here and we will forward additional vendors in your market as soon as they are available.

I missed my Concierge appointment, how do I reschedule?

Sorry we missed you! You can either reply to your confirmation email to reschedule or so just set up another appointment here. Chances are we have already sent you a “missed appointment email or text message”. Please remember the ONLINE SURVEY is a quick and convenient alternative to a phone interview.

I had a Concierge appointment, but no one called me.

We respect your time and apologize for the inconvenience. We promise it will not happen again! Please let us know by clicking here so that we can schedule a new time that is convenient for you. Please remember the ONLINE SURVEY is a quick and convenient alternative to a phone interview.

Can Customer Connect Preferred Vendors service an event booked outside of NOAH’S?

Of course! We think our vendors are the best in your area and we are sure they can help you even if NOAH’S didn’t work out for you this time.

I need to talk to someone, but I don’t need to take the survey.

Shoot us an message here and we will be in touch soon!

Did we miss something? Maybe we need to add a new FAQ.

Please let us know, here.

I have a local business how do I become a preferred partner?

We look forward to working with you! Please begin by completing our “Becoming a Preferred Partner” request form HERE.

I want to recommend a business for your preferred partner program.

Thank you for the referral! Please feel free to send us an email introducing us to the local business you would like to recommend. Alternatively, you can suggest that they complete our “Becoming a Preferred Vendor” request form HERE.