Benefits of Joining the Preferred Vendor Network

Our promise

A Better Way To Do Business

Customer Connect alleviates the pressure of cold calling leads and “selling” a bride or event planner on your service. We do this by performing these very important tasks for you. The NOAH’S client provides us with the details related to their event and with our free service we are able to assist them in narrowing down everything from budget, to the kind of food the would like to offer their guests and even the color scheme or theme of their event. Once these specific details are determined we then connect the right business(es) with the NOAH’S client. Get started with Customer Connect and we will serve you leads that actually WANT to talk to you and are awaiting your call! Apply to become a vendor today!


What does it mean to be a Preferred Vendor?

Customer Connect – Full Service Event Planning!

  • Customer Connect is the exclusive vendor management company for ALL NOAH’S facilities nationwide.
  • As a Preferred Vendor you will have exclusive access to all NOAH’S clients that are a fit for your business.
  • A Customer Connect Concierge will meet with ALL NOAH’S clients to determine their needs. Once needs are identified, connections are made between the client and appropriate Preferred Vendor(s).
  • Customer Connect offers unmatched communication with NOAH’S clients. We are achieving close to 70% open rates on our emails.
  • Customer Connect offers all vendors exclusive access to NOAH’S facilities. If your business is not a registered member of the Customer Connect Preferred Vendor network we will not recommend your services to NOAH’S clients.

What will Customer Connect do for you?

  • Customer Connect will provide you with data relevant to your business.
  • Customer Connect will track market trends across the country and provide you with detailed actionable data that will help you continue to grow the success of your business.
  • Customer Connect will allow you to:
  1. Focus on what is most important to your business rather than chasing leads and looking for opportunities.
  2. Display your logo and contact information on the Customer Connect website so that it is discoverable by NOAH’S clients at all times. This allows the client to browse vendors before meet with a Customer Connect Concierge.
  3. Remain a part of the nationwide NOAH’S network – host to weddings/year; corporate events/year; and special occasions/year.